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There are plenty of freelancers, bloggers, and business owners within the community at WPF. We’ll work to curate some of the tools we love personally, or hear good things about for you to check out!

We do not necessarily endorse all these tools, but we are aware that folks find value in them, so we hope to share things that will help you all on your unique money journeys. This page may contain affiliate links, for more information see DISCLOSURES


Freelance Writer Academy

We are super excited to offer a special discount to WPF Insiders to Freelance Writer Academy.

Freelance writers academy is run by one of our WPF Community supporters (and a WPF Insider), Kat Tretina, as well as another support Miranda Marquit and their co-founder. Both Kat and Miranda are awesome feminists and rockstar freelance writers. We know multiple people who have been through their course and found it invaluable in breaking into or upping their freelance writing careers.

They have generously extended a 20% off cost to the entire WPF community using code WPF20. If you’re looking to mingle and learn with other like-minded freelancers, we suggest you consider becoming a WPF Insider. Kat gave a talk to our audience which is available in our Insiders Learning Vault along with an even more generous discount for Insiders! Learn more about the course offerings for Freelance Writer Academy here!

Business Tools


Have you seen our emails? Do you love them as much as we do? Well, that’s because Flodesk is FREAKIN’ AWESOME! Using the link here, you can get 50% off the cost of your first year of Flodesk. Why do we love it? Well, for one, it’s gorgeous. There are tons of templates and integrations to give you a slick and professional look without a lot of effort. But the thing we really love? Unlimited audience size and unlimited monthly email send quota.

Now, I’m not sure if you have researched this stuff but IT IS NOT CHEAP. It’s all good and fine when your struggling and trying to launch you business, but if you start getting some traction, you’ll quickly find yourself wallowing in fees for email services.

We highly recommend Flodesk as the tools we use for WPF.

Now, I’ll be honest. It’s not perfect. I like to call it a “light” email service. You won’t find some of the tools that really pricey services offer (but let’s be honest, do most of us use those anyway?). If you want to create great email marketing segments, have great workflows and killer looks, give it a try. (Can you tell I REALLY like this service?). Try Flodesk here!

Business Finance


Novo is the powerfully simple small business banking platform that’s resetting expectations of small business banking. Complete with integrations to tools small business owners are already using like Stripe, Shopify, Square, and Quickbooks Online.

They offer free business checking accounts with low fees. While we can’t personally recommend this one, it isn’t because we didn’t try. But, someone here at WPF doesn’t have a physical mailbox and that was part of the required information needed, be warned!

That being said, we hear lots of good things from small business owners about this company . See if it’s right for you!

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