Money Savers

There are ton of products out there that members of our community love. We have not personally used all of them, but try to share things we hear good things about!

We do not necessarily endorse all these tools, but we are aware that folks find value in them, so we hope to share things that will help you all on your unique money journeys. This page may contain affiliate links, for more information see DISCLOSURES

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is a super popular mobile phone service. With prices starting at $15 a month, prices and quality are said to be excellent. But, what people seem to love most is their generous “refer a friend program.

The referral incentive increases with each referral made, maxing out at 10 referrals a year. Check the link to see if it might work for you and begin sharing with your friends and maybe end up with no cell phone bill!

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