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Women’s Personal Finance Supporter

You love this group and want to show your support.  You’ll get a monthly newsletter (maybe more if we’re feeling like overachievers!).  Through the newsletter, you’ll get access to discount codes and coupons for merchandise on the site as we develop them. As we will restrict membership access so we ensure we can scale, this means you’ll also be the first to be alerted as new membership cohorts open.

Women’s Personal Finance Insiders

Quality Over Quantity.

Currently, Insider Membership spots will be opening in cohorts. We are learning and growing, right along with you. And, we want to make sure that as we grow, we continue to meet the needs of our members. We also want to give those joining at various time the ability to get to know each other, and continue to promote strong community connections.

If Insider membership is not open at this time, you will be unable to purchase an Insider seat. We strongly suggest you become a Supporter to be the first to know when the next round of Insider memberships opens.


  • You’ll get access to our private Discord server for more extensive organic conversations.
    • Discord has the ability for group voice and video chats, which you can do unmoderated with your Discord peers!  This is where you can further develop connections, relationships, and community.  Niche channels to support a variety of community groups, like Twenties Money, Queer Money, Late Starters will help you find those you can relate to.  There’s even a developing (by mail) buy nothing type group and classifieds.
  • You’ll be invited to live events, webinars, and impromptu virtual get-togethers.
    • June 2021 guest will be The Fioneers for a private discussion about limiting beliefs around money followed by q&a, and continued discussion on Discord
  • Random giveaways and surprise swag and freebies will occur!
  • Insiders Only section of the website
    • Video library
    • (In process) printables, in-depth information, behind the scenes posts and more!
  • Hand written thank you card + mini swag

Our Promise: 9 Annual Insider Purchases = One Annual Scholarship!

That’s right, 10% of our annual Insiders memberships will be given to women in need who cannot afford to purchase a membership.

We strongly believe that: 1. Everyone deserves to be here and everyone has something important to add to the conversation on life and money and, 2. It’s important for those of us with the means and knowledge to support others do so.

Your annual Inisders purchase helps to directly support other women!

Why one year? We know that money is a process. It’s a journey! We feel that one year is enough time to learn, and be able to put (some) knowledge into practice.

For The Dudes

Supportive Dude

You’re not a self-identified woman, and you don’t expect anything.  Here’s a way to show your support for women and their money journeys and help us to grow the community. This supporter level doesn’t gain any membership benefits. You do join our email list and will get updates from time to time.

Super Supportive Dude

Same as the Supportive Dude, you’re here to support women, and get no community access.  Except, you’re extra special, SUPER, even. And, you get a “Women’s Personal Finance Super Supportive Dude” hat if you maintain a monthly membership for at least 3 months. We’ll contact you to see if you’d like to be mentioned as a supporter on our website when we go live.

Outta This World Dude

Same as Super Supportive Dude, but you’ll get a hat as soon as we have them made!

Making Magic

Disappearing Unicorn One-Time Donations

You can always make a one-time donation of $5 or more towards us and what we’re doing here. We sincerely appreciate your no strings attached wish to support Women’s Personal Finance!

We maintain a separate fund for Thank You donations to be given to the Facebook group moderators here.

Gift a Membership!

Would you like to pay for memberships for other women and would like us to determine who they go to? Use the Disappearing Unicorn checkout option and make your donation in a multiple of $210 dollars and notate “gift memberships” in the blank field at checkout. Your donation will go to an annual membership in addition to our promise of 10% scholarship memberships.

Gift a membership to someone you know: If memberships are currently open to purchase, you will see a “gift a membership” button on the Women’s Personal Finance Member checkout box below!


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Women’s Personal Finance Facebook Group

  • Join over40,000 women on our private Facebook group! Supportive and inclusive

Women’s Personal Finance Supporter

  • You love what we do and want to support the community
  • Monthly Newsletter with coupons and discounts for future products
  • First to know when new membership cohorts are opening up

The blank field on checkout is for notes, if you wish, such as donation use requests

Women’s Personal Finance Insider

Open only for limited periods in membership cohorts.

Join the email list to find out when the future cohorts open!

Insiders membership is currently closed!

  • See above for extended list of membership perks
  • Newsletter along with supporters
  • Members-only area of the website, private Discord server, invites to live events, random swag, giveaways and freebies!
  • 1 in 9 annual memberships scholarship based to women in need (your $ supports others!)

(if the links below are not functional, or tell you that the plan is not available for purchase, it means we are not accepting members at this time and have not yet been able to update the website yet!)

Monthly Plan (min $20/month)
Annual Plan (min $210/year)

The blank field on checkout is for notes, if you wish, such as donation use requests

Disappearing Unicorn One-Time Donations

We don’t know who you are but we will gladly accept your fleeting one time donation

Are you gifting to a woman in need? Make your donation in a multiple of $210 and notate “gift memberships” in the blank field

Thanks for being willing to share a little love towards our operations!


Supportive Dude!

  • You are an awesome supportive dude!
  • No special perks, but this really means a lot and helps us to develop the community.  With these funds we can more quickly pay other women to help make the community and website great!

Want to get a mention on the website?  Sign up for the SUPER Supportive Dude Category!


Super Supportive Dude!

Same as the Supportive Dude, you’re here to support women, and get no community access.  Except, you’re extra special, SUPER, even!

  • All the perks of Supportive Dude (which means a lot of warm fuzzy feelings)
  • We’ll reach out to see if you want to be featured on the site as a supporter when we go live!
  • Maintain your subscription for at least 3 months and we’ll send you a “Women’s Personal Finance Super Supportive Dude” hat!

Outta This World Dude!

WOW DUDE! You support the Women’s Personal Finance Community so much you’re willing to give a large annual donation?

Are you Warren Buffet? Are you even from this planet?  How did you find this community? 

  • All the perks of Super Supportive Dude
  • We’ll reach out to see if you want to be highlighted on our site as an amazing male feminist donor when we go live!
  • You earn a “Women’s Personal Finance Super Supportive Dude” hat!

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