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This is an ongoing project and we will continue to add, develop and expand as we progress. Check back to see how things are coming along, or feel free to contact us with suggestions on what you might like to see.

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Personal Finance Glossary

We know that there are a lot of terms and acronyms thrown around in the personal finance world and we want to help! We’ll be working on this personal finance glossary of terms as an ongoing project. This list will expand and grow with time!

Personal Finance Resources and Tools

Though we’ll be working to share more products, services, and companies that our members may find interesting, those presented here are some of the top products that we either use ourselves or know that many in our community find value in, and we hope you do too!

Money Making (and Saving) Tools

There are a lot of ways to make a little, or a lot of extra cash out there. Check out this list of products and ideas for money making tools (and money saving tools) that might help. Be they side hustle opportunities, survey sites, coupon sites or places to upload receipts.

We do not necessarily endorse all these tools, but we are aware that folks find value in them, so we hope to share things that will help you all on your unique money journeys.

More Money Savers

Wow, these things are kind of hard to organize. We’re looking to add products and services for the general audience here to help you save some cash or just get great services!

Freelancers and Businesses

We’ve got a lot of freelancers, bloggers and business owners within the community at WPF. We’ll work to curate some of the tools we love personally, or hear good things about for you to check out!

Web Reading

This page is yet to be expanded, for now, please checkout Meet the Women of FI!


For more books, check out our curated bookshop! Bookshop sections include ‘What Angela is Reading,’ ‘What Regina is Reading,’ ‘Personal Finance Classics,’ ‘More Finance Books,’ ‘Women’s Personal Finance Members Love These,’ ‘Finance for Kids‘ and ‘Our Kids Love These.’

Now, for fun, and to support those lovely ladies of personal finance:

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