Welcome to Women’s Personal Finance

A Community By Women, For Women.

Welcome to Women’s Personal Finance, where you can discuss the most taboo topic of all – MONEY

Money, means and personal finance are at the root of almost every conversation. We’re here as a safe and inclusive space to support, empower, educate, and grow together. We hope you meet true friends and develop an ongoing support system through these connections.

No matter your money story, no matter your background, you belong here!

Women means all self-identified women and non-binary folx too. YOU are welcome here!

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What We Do

We Educate.

We educate each other. Some of us are “money experts” some of us are deep in debt or struggling. Most are in between! But we all have things to learn from each other, about money and life.

There is always something new to learn. You have things to teach others too! No matter where you are in your money journey.

We Empower.

This project and community all started from a humble Facebook group that has now grown to over 26k amazing women from all walks of life. That community still exists and will continue to support all women on their money journey. We have finally grown enough to expand our offerings, services, and develop a tighter knit engaged community for those who want deeper support.

We Support.

Women’s Personal Finance is a premier inclusive community. We support all who identify as women regardless of politics. We only ask that all act respectfully towards each other. We particularly encourage traditionally marginalized women such BIPOC and women in the queer community to join and find places to safely and comfortably discuss all topics around money.

Member Thoughts

In my current social circle, discussing finances is taboo. I love that Women’s Personal Finance has been a safe space to engage with like-minded individuals to share knowledge, goals and experiences. It’s empowering to know there are other women who are interested in improving their overall financial picture and willing to help others do the same.


Women’s Personal Finance is a wonderful community of smart kind knowledgeable womxn that made me comfortable to ask any questions and share my own personal experience. I had the experience of being mansplained and talked over in other groups. As an introvert, WPF made me feel like I was at home. No judgment and lots of supportive womxn!


I have been a member of the Women’s Personal Finance Facebook group for a couple of years and it has grown into an empowering and safe place for myself and other women to congregate and discuss what means most to them. This group is special because it does not restrict women to only talk about finances but to support each other in good times and bad. Now that I have a membership I am able to communicate live and in chat rooms with these wonderful women and it makes me feel even more connected to people which I have found priceless in these unique times. Every woman needs a safe place like this to connect with other women and I think anyone who joins the Women’s Personal Finance membership program will feel the same.


I’ve always been intrigued by finance, but never had anyone to talk to about it. Money is still so taboo in American society that it can feel like you’re all alone if you have an interest in it. For this reason I was so happy to join the Women’s Personal Finance Community and see that there are literally tens of thousands of women who shared a similar interest, were not afraid to talk about it and had created a space to exchange ideas. It’s a lovely and unique place on the internet that I can’t recommend enough.

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