women's personal finance
women's personal finance

We are diligently working to get this website fully launched!

While we work, we are planning on a soft launch of our supporter community. To make sure we are able to support this community, we are launching in phases.

Anyone is welcome to subscribe to our email list below. Please read on to see how you can support the community right now as well as be the first to know when we open up membership cohorts.

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How You Can Join the Community and Support Women’s Personal Finance

Always Free! Continue to join the existing WPF Group on Facebook just click here


We have filled our Founding Member cohort of 50 wonderful women. To ensure we can scale, we will be rolling out memberships in rounds. If you missed a founding member spot, join the Supporter tier to be the first to know when we open the next membership cohort.

Women’s Personal Finance Supporter 🙏

$5.00 USD / monthly (minimum cost)

  • You love what we do and want to support the community
  • Monthly Newsletter with coupons and discounts for future products
  • First to know when new membership cohorts are opening up (you might want to join this if you miss out on a founding member spot)

Disappearing Unicorn One-Time Donations 🦄

$5.00 USD (minimum donation)

We don’t know who you are but we will gladly accept your fleeting one time donation

Thanks for being willing to share a little love towards our operations!

🤩 Supportive Dude

$10.00 USD / monthly minimum

  • You are an awesome supportive dude!
  • No special perks, but this really means a lot and helps us to develop the community.  With these funds we can more quickly pay other women to help make the community and website great!

Want to get a mention on the website?  Sign up for the SUPER Supportive Dude Category!

🥰 Super Supportive Dude

$20.00 USD / monthly minimum

Same as the Supportive Dude, you’re here to support women, and get no community access.  Except, you’re extra special, SUPER, even!

  • All the perks of Supportive Dude (which means a lot of warm fuzzy feelings)
  • We’ll reach out to see if you want to be featured on the site as a supporter when we go live!
  • Maintain your subscription for at least 3 months and we’ll send you a “Women’s Personal Finance Super Supportive Dude” hat!

🪐 Outta This World Dude

$240.00 USD / yearly minimum

WOW DUDE! You support the Women’s Personal Finance Community so much you’re willing to give a large annual donation?

Are you Warren Buffet? Are you even from this planet?  How did you find this community? 

  • All the perks of Super Supportive Dude
  • We’ll reach out to see if you want to be highlighted on our site as an amazing male feminist donor when we go live!
  • You earn a “Women’s Personal Finance Super Supportive Dude” hat!

Angela of Tread Lightly Retire Early and founder of the Women’s Personal Finance Facebook Community and Regina of That Frugal Pharmacist are so excited to bring you this expanded, improved version of Women’s Personal Finance! Please join the email list to be the first to know and an inaugural member of the community when we go live!

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