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Hi! We’re Angela and Regina!


Women’s Personal Finance is a place for all women. No matter who you are, what you believe, who you love, what you love, or where you’re from, we are so glad that you are here.

This is a place for all women, regardless of where you are at in your money journey, whether you are brand new to thinking about your finances and don’t know where to start or if you’re been retired for years, have it all figured out, and just want to chat with other money nerds.

How We Got Here

The story of this site and this group began back in January 2018, when Angela wrote the blog post ‘Meet the Women of the Financial Independence Movement‘, which has now been featured in places such as the New York Times and Forbes. That post kicked off the beginning of a real place where women could connect and talk about money and all other things important to them. Soon after the post was published, I created the Women’s Personal Finance Facebook community, which has grown to over 27,000 members and is known to be one of the best, most supportive places on the internet.

After three years, we (Angela and Regina) decided it was time to expand beyond the constraints of Facebook and create a full community here on this site. The Facebook page will forever exist as a free space to grow and learn and connect with other women, but we now have this site to allow for Women’s Personal Finance to grow.

Here, members can gain access to an exclusive community on Discord, articles about money written by other women (who we are able to pay through membership dues), access to money experts, resources about all things finances, a super neat swag shop, and more.

Women’s Personal Finance is a place where you belong. We’re so glad that you’re here.

About the Founders

Women’s Personal Finance comes to you from Angela of Tread Lightly Retire Early and the founder of the Women’s Personal Finance Facebook Community and Regina of That Frugal Pharmacist. We have been internet besties since we got to know each other back in 2018, and we’ve both been writing and engaging on the internet for more than a decade. Our sons are a year apart and (mostly) virtual buddies as well, which makes it all that much more special when we all get to spend time together in real life.

We share passions around intentional living, environmental awareness, sustainability, as well as the natural world, gardening, cooking, and so on. Not to mention, our love of all things personal finance and wanting to help support others by living our lives boldly, unapologetically, and sharing our money journeys, struggles and all.


Hi! I’m Angela.

I’m so glad you’re here. I live up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest outside of Seattle, where my day job (at 80% time) is in creating affordable, sustainable housing in my area. I’m on the journey to financial independence, but #SlowFI is more my jam, as I love my career and I’m looking to enjoy our lives now.

In the rest of my time, you’ll find me blogging over at Tread Lightly Retire Early and Ecofrugals, hanging out on Twitter and the WPF Facebook group, volunteering my time in my local community, gardening, hiking, and otherwise spending as much time in nature as I possibly can. I live in our little “starter” home of ten years with my husband, six year old son, our long term housemate, and our animals. Above all, you’ll find me doing my best to be kind, as I find that empathy is the thing that is needed most in this world.


Hi! I’m Regina!

I live on the Oregon Coast on our “hobby farm” (still working on the farm part) with my husband, my five year old son and our animals. We are debt free and live in a paid off house. I am a pharmacist, but so much more of my story these days involves the fact that my son was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer, neuroblastoma, at age 2. I am happy to report that he is currently stable, but managing his condition and the fully upturned life that created is the biggest part of my story for the last 2+ years.

I consider myself semi-retired. Because I am the sole breadwinner in my house, and I only need to work part-time to support us, I am nearly there on the road to financial independence. Before my son got sick, I was working hard towards a full FIRE lifestyle. If we had kept on that path, I would likely be fully financially independent by now. As it stands, I am much more aware now of taking life as it comes, enjoying the journey, and not focusing too much on the future for the sake of the day in front of you. That being said, I think you can still integrate many frugal choices to support your best, intentional life, and path your path to happiness. So though my path has wandered, I am still very much, That Frugal Pharmacist!

When I’m not being a working pharmacist I run my personal blog, a pharmacists networking site (and blog), and am working to advance access to psychedelic medicine and therapy (I built and maintain all these sites as well!). I dabble in a variety of arts and crafts and have fun running my Etsy shop and foraging for mushrooms in the fall. In other words, I’m all over the place, and I love it!


You can contact us individually via our socials or websites

Find us both at Hello@WomensPersonalFinance.org

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