Empower Your Budget: Discover Your Next Favorite Budgeting App

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Heads up!  Mint by Intuit will be signing off in 2024. While we’re bidding farewell to this old financial friend, it’s the perfect moment to welcome new budgeting tools that can help us stay on top of our finance game.

1. Empower 

(the new face of Personal Capital)

This one’s our favorite – and it won’t cost you a dime. Empower delivers a powerful overview of your finances without the price tag. Sure, they might pitch their asset management services, but there’s no catch. You can sidestep the pitches and still benefit from the exceptional tools they offer.

2. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Fear not! We’ve curated a list of stellar alternatives, with some exclusive WPF free trial perks:

For the meticulous budgeter in you, YNAB offers a practical approach to give every dollar its mission. It’s ideal for those ready to get hands-on with their cash flow. Plus, use our WPF link to enjoy a 34-day free trial and feel the difference firsthand.

3. Tiller

Spreadsheet wizards, rejoice! Tiller takes your financial data and puts it to work in customizable Google Sheets, offering a 30-day free trial to get your sheets in order. It’s the ultimate control center for those who love a personalized touch in their financial tracking.

Budgeting is Better with Support!

As we navigate this change, remember that our community strength lies in sharing and supporting. We’re excited to hear about the tools you choose and the new budgeting paths you’ll explore.

Wishing you seamless transitions and empowered budgeting!

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