Women's Personal Finance Wednesday Roundup

Women’s Personal Finance: Wednesday Roundup October 26, 2022

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Welcome to the Women’s Personal Finance Wednesday Roundup! We started this series back in 2018 on TreadLightlyRetireEarly.com to showcase the fabulous women in the online personal finance community who are talking about money online. Even now, there is a perception that women aren’t good with money, don’t care about money, or don’t understand it on a granular level beyond perhaps knowing how to coupon and score a good shopping deal.

These roundups are our way of doing a small part to change that perception. There is no shortage of women online doing their part to make it clear that they DO understand money, and these posts are meant to amplify that fact.

Why does it matter? Because representation matters. Because reading and hearing stories from those who (may or may not) look like us show us that yes, we too can figure out this money thing, that we too have important stories to tell. And that we too know quite a lot about money and are experts worth listening to.

Since Women’s Personal Finance has grown up to get its own website, it’s time to transition these roundups over here to the dedicated website. Same great content, new home!

Our Women’s Personal Finance Facebook group on Facebook also has a sharing thread on Fridays, and that’s the place to read all the blog posts written by members over the previous week. If you’re looking for more articles written by women and nonbinary folks, that’s a great place to continue reading (plus we have plenty of great discussions on finances the rest of the week as well!).

If you don’t have the time or inclination to go searching down myriad posts, though, we will be continuing this series every week to showcase some of the best of the new content we read. If you ever read a post you think we absolutely need to consider for this roundup, please let us know! We are always open to reading new blogs and want to celebrate those newer voices as well as the more seasoned ones.

And with that, here is the best (in our opinion) content by women and nonbinary folks this past week. Let us know what you think in the comments! We love discussion.

Women’s Personal Finance Weekly Roundup #67 (Actually, 206)

1. Am I The Crazy One? Ask Polly

“Trust yourself. You kept feeling bad in that relationship. You kept getting the strong sense that this man wasn’t curious about you. It might be true that he’ll transform into a relaxed, generous, curious boyfriend with someone whose issues don’t collide with his issues in the same explosive way. But that’s true for *literally every human you might date.* You still have to base your choices on the data available to you. And the data you have says “This man doesn’t love me for exactly who I am.”

When you find someone who embraces and enjoys exactly who you are? You’ll fucking know it.”

2. Life After FI – 4 Years in Retirement All Options Considered

“And now I’ll jump ahead and answer the first few questions people ask the most these days. The questions are obvious so here are my answers…

No, I’m not bored in retirement.
No, I don‘t miss having a job.
Yes, I’m still glad I quit my last job in 2018.

Our first few years of early retirement have been pretty darn good. They’ve also been a wild ride full of changes.”

3. Women’s Financial Health Remained Low in September 2022 Kate Sullivan, Ellevest

“In early fall of 2022, we launched the Ellevest Women’s Financial Health Index, the first and only holistic measure of women’s financial health in the United States. 

It combines 12 indicators — like women’s employment, the pay gap, inflation, women’s representation in Congress and Fortune 500 C-suites, reproductive autonomy, and Ellevest’s unique insights into women’s saving and investing habits — and gauges how much it feels like the financial landscape is working for or against women. 

The result is a score between 1 and 10, with 1 being the worst things have been for women’s financial health in the time period measured (in this case, since May 2018), and 10 being the best. We calculate and share that score every month to keep a finger on the pulse of women’s financial health over time and help push for change.

Here’s the most recent update.”

BONUS October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Holistic Personal Finance

“It wasn’t all bad…

Before getting married, we had good times. My fiancé became sober and I was hopeful for the future. People were happy for us, we looked like a great couple.

After getting married, things got worse instead of better. Fights started with yelling, name calling, door slamming and progressed with every fight. But, after every fight there were good times too.

I started living on edge, not knowing if the day would have a good or bad ending, often working late because it was better than then going home.”

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